Welcome To PhotoFulcrum

PhotoFulcum specializes in Sports Photography, however are also available to meet your various photographic needs.
Located in the Midwestern Ontario town of Wingham we are able to provide services to a large geographical area.

Do you need a Sporting Event Photographed and with printing on site or Team and Individual photos done?

Something else?

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or requests you may have and I will be happy to speak with you about your needs.
Email me - for more information or with your questions (Replace -AT- with @)

Please note - We do not do wedding photography or standard portraiture which is a specialty I personally do not wish to undertake. Check your area for accomplished Wedding / portrait photographers such as Howard and Gail at

And a side note... What the heck is a Fulcrum you may ask.....

NOUN:¬ pl.ful¬∑crumsor ful¬∑cra

  1. The point or support on which a lever pivots.
  2. ZoologyAn anatomical structure that acts as a hinge or a point of support.
  3. An agent through which vital powers are exercised.¬ 

*Source for definition:¬